Tax Planning

Minimize your tax expenses

Taxes: A Controllable Cost

Managing a business successfully profitable requires making many important decisions regarding marketing, financing, production, labor management, and organizational strategies. However, tax cost is rarely considered in the planning process, believing that it is an in-controllable cost.

A tax cost to a business must be regarded as the cost of doing business similar to other relevant costs. As such, tax expense is a controllable cost, i.e., components of the tax cost can be analyzed to determine the actions and activities that have an impact on overall tax expense.

Businesses are subject to various forms of taxes by municipal, provincial, and federal authorities. The tax expense of a business highly depends on its ownership structure, type of income earned, and the period when the income is realized or received. Every business structure has its unique benefits, constraints, and treated differently for tax purposes.

Tax Planning 

Tax planning is the legitimate arrangement of the ownership structure and the financial activities of the business which optimally reduce or defer the tax cost. Our goal is to find the best arrangement of ownership structure and activities which reduce and/or effectively defer your over all tax expense.The tax legislation is very flexible to Canadian small businesses in arranging their ownership structures and financial activities in a manner which results in optimal tax savings.

Invest in Your Future

Always try to spend your hard earned money on things which will reap long term benefits, i.e., invest rather than spend. Our guiding philosophy is to transform your expense dollar into an investment for your future success. Businesses that spend on expenses with long term investment nature reap its benefits much longer. The point to remember is to balance the cost versus the benefit. Most businesses see tax planning as an added cost. In reality, if done properly, this is a significant investment in the future of your business.

If you want to maximize your tax savings by using all available options, you need to invest in the effort to create and implement a  comprehensive tax plan.  Such a plan will help you save your heard earn money for the long term giving you the freedom and flexibility of creating a better financial future for your self and your family.

How can we help you….

As an entrepreneur, manager, and a business owner, you can rely on our expertise in planning and implementing an efficient and an effective tax plan for your business to help you retain a higher portion of your hard earned income through significant reduction of your overall tax expense. We understand the hard work you as an entrepreneur put into your business. The Canadian tax legislation provides many provisions to successful hardworking people to reduce their tax expense under their unique circumstances. We make sure that we use all the relevant provisions in the tax legislation to help you save the maximum tax expense in the long run.

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