Business Tax Planning

Taxes are controllable costs.

A tax cost of a business is normally made up of 4 different tax rates –  the tax rate of the jurisdiction of the business, the tax rate applicable to the ownership structure, the tax rate of the type of income earned, and the tax rate of the period when the income is realized or received. As such, annual tax expenses of a business can be controlled due to difference tax treatments of different jurisdictions, the ownership structures, the period of income earned, and the type of income earned.

Tax planning is the legitimate arrangement of the ownership structure and financial activities of the business which reduce or defer the tax cost. The tax legislation is very flexible to Canadian small businesses in arranging their ownership structures and financial activities in a manner which results in maximum tax savings. Our goal is to find the best arrangement of ownership structure and activities which will reduce and/or effectively defer your over all tax expense.

Your decisions affect your business profitability.

As entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners, you have to make frequent important business decisions which significantly affect the future of your business. These decisions are related to a variety of areas, i.e., financing, acquiring equipment, hiring, leasing office space, approaching a new customer, introducing a new product, etc. However, tax cost is rarely considered as a cost of doing business and is widely believed to be an in-controllable cost.

A tax cost to a business must be regarded as the cost of doing business similar to other relevant costs. Tax expense is a controllable cost, i.e., components of the tax cost can be analyzed to determine the actions and activities that have an impact on overall tax expense.

Join us and learn your options.

We offer workshops to help entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners learn the knowledge and the skills to reduce their tax expenses.  Our business tax workshops are full of useful information and technical knowledge toned down to an easy level of understanding.  The workshops are two hour long and filled with active participation from the attendees. Seats are limited to a maximum of 10 people from different businesses.

What to expect from the workshop.

Our goal is to empower you with the essential business knowledge and the skills to help you control your future by making the right decisions for business success.

During the workshop, expect to learn all about

  • The difference between tax planning, tax evasion, and tax fraud.
  • Different types of business structures with tax pros & cons of each type.
  • Tax provisions available to each type of business structure.
  • Other tax provisions applicable in unique circumstances.
  • Analysing your business structure and your unique situation to find your own tax planning options.
  • Implementing & monitoring your tax plan for optimal results.

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