Financial Statement Analysis

Digging through the numbers.

Financial statements are a comprehensive health report of a business. They represent the economic realities and the financial health of a business into distinct category of numbers. Just as a comprehensive blood report will contain comprehensive information about your health, a financial statement contains almost every financial information of your business.

Financial statements are useful for a variety of purposes.

  • Financial statements provide detailed financial information about potential risks and rewards for any major decision.
  • Financial statements are the most efficient and effective source of financial data to judge and monitor internal and external business performance .
  • Financial statements provide a realistic economic picture for an informed business decision.

Your decisions decide your success.

Reading and interpreting financial statements is a must required skill to make a good business decision. As entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners, you have to make frequent important business decisions which significantly affect the future of your business. These decisions are related to a variety of areas, i.e., financing, acquisition, hiring, leasing office space, approaching a new customer, introducing a new product, etc. The sign of a good decision is that it should always be consistent with the financial realities of your business.

Learning the techniques.

We offer workshops to help you learn the knowledge and the skills to properly read, analyze, and interpret financial statements to make good decisions, to improve your business performance, and to evaluate your strategic direction. The sessions are two hour long and filled with active participation from the attendees. Seats are limited to a maximum of 10 people from upto 5 different businesses. After the workshop, each business will receive an extra hour of free consultation which can be utilized within one year.

What to expect from the workshop.

The goal of our business workshop is to provide you with the skills and knowledge to help you make your business successful.

During the workshop,  you will learn

  • How financial statements are compiled and what information they convey.
  • The economic interpretation of each category of numbers on the statements.
  • How different numbers of the financial statement are related and how they help in the analysis.
  • Analyzing the numbers through various analysis techniques to create a realistic economic picture of the business.
  • How to utilize the analysis in making good business decisions, improving business performance, and guiding the strategic direction of your business.

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